The MM

Photo: Patrick Pretorius
I consider myself as very lucky with regards the Hubby! He is my MM – my millennium man!

I met him on a blind date, and we have had fun since then. We met at a Spur (nogals!)! Because I had my eldest with me; who was 8 at the time... Spur is a steak/hamburger franchise in South Africa - very popular with families - but you always feel afterwards that you should have gone somewhere else. (The food is extremely greasy.) But they have a kiddies play area, and that scores big time with children AND parents!

He did not flinch once to take on my daughter, and wanted to be involved from the start. The Student also started to call him Dad Dries when she was 15, and that says a lot! Especially for a teen...

I have a younger husband who loves going out and doing things and always game for the fun stuff. He was immediately game when I asked him about camping in the beginning of January with Mieka. It went very well, I might add. Dries is also game for hiking and mountain climbing and abseiling. Not that we have done lots of these activities lately (reason: the baby), but we are planning to do it again… Definitely! (DEFINITELY! Definitely! Hopeful smile)

Hubby helps with everything, and even more. We are getting treated with the most wonderful dishes that he instinctively conjures up. (I can’t do it - I have to use my same known recipes again and again, or I need guidance from a recipe book.) He just whips it up! No wonder we are struggling with the weight! (Smile)

He is also a wonderful partner with regards the two daughters. He drives The Student to university, and mostly picks her up again. He does not complain when she wants to go out, and have to pick her up at ten or later at night. He helps with everything with regards our Little Missy.  Dries has turned out to be a wonderful father who does his share!

It is wonderful to have an involved father AND who contributes financially. Things like this should not even be mentioned, but I come from a previous life where it was not as logical.

Thanks, Dries, for being a great husband and father!