Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday heart ache: missing the toddler

We had a three day weekend with the toddler, and today we miss her terribly. It was a good weekend of fun and sun and playing with the toddler. She was in such a good mood this morning; she started to play and wanted her dad to sit with her. Complaining when he wanted to finish with the breakfast…

We had to take her for an evening drive last night at nine to get her to sleep. It is usually a 20 minutes drive, and we make a detour at the local McDs. I am actually beginning to look forward to these drives. (It happens about once a week now.)

Hubby and I get time to talk, and there’s coffee as a reward. What is better than that! (Huge smile!)

Dries said that he thinks that Mieka is the best BEST that ever happened to him. Not even our wedding day can compare to when she was born. He said it somewhat apologetically! But I am totally with in accordance with him with regards the major live changing importance of a child in your life. Nothing compares! She is the centre of our universe!

(I have the teen as well in my life. I have the same feelings about her! I knew that is the way you feel, but it came as sort of surprise to Dries...)

She fell asleep in the car on the way to day care this morning. She kissed, hugged and waved “Bye, bye!” to her dad. I was very upset when she cried when the day care person had to take her from me… (I still am.)

Arrgh! Another week…

(Photo by Grandfather James last week at Kentucky)


  1. Gee girl, I refuse to do that drive thing. They must sleep and learn to fall asleep themselves. But I guess with 3 small ones we are left with no other option.

  2. They are the world to us :) I just love love love being a mom.

    We used to drive Quintus to sleep every now and again, when he was small. Loved it (also had the coffee reward lol)


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