Monday, 13 September 2010

My Dad gave us a scare

My Dad is in his early 70s, and still as busy as a bee. When he is not reinventing his garden, and replanting all the plants, he is busy driving the kids around at the day care in the afternoons. He is also involved at the Church, and goes with the regular prayer group to the hospital.

He is always available when somebody needs him, and usually looks after all the neighbours’ gardens and houses when they are away. He drives around every week for his mother, who lives nearby. On Thursday he was planting flowers at her house - and his house - before he had to leave for the afternoon to drive the kids around. After that he felt extremely bad, with a chest pain.

They identified hiatus hernia on Saturday, but had to confirm it with more tests...

Today he had two stents implanted in the veins near his heart! It was caught just in time! Totally unexpected!

Very scary indeed! Nothing that brings you close-up with mortality more than this! The heart [not attack] scare!

We hope you feel better very soon, Dad!

Mieka loves it when she sees him at the day care. He has to carry her around. Or swing (“swee-swee”) her to her heart’s delight on the swings! She sometimes gets very upset when he has to put her down to do his rounds!

“Oupa! OOU-PAAA!!” (Grandfather) sounds so cute when coming from the toddler’s lips! Every Time!


  1. I hope he feels much better soon! Maybe he should delegate those flower planting duties to someone else!

  2. So glad for you that it was caught in time. His mother is still alive? That is marvelous. We always want them to live forever.

  3. I LOVE my dad and we couln't have asked for a better earthly father. He is always there if we need him. I love him because of his unfailing love and faith in God and I know he carry his children and grandchildren in his prayers daily. We love you dad and we are praying for your speedy recovery! God's blessings to you.

  4. Scary when things like that happen. Glad to hear that it was caught in time and that all is well. Amazing that his mom is still alive and well and that he is still helping her out. YOu've got a long life ahead of you!

  5. How lucky that you caught it in time...scary, though. And how amazing that he is so active - some days I have trouble finding the time and energy to brush my teeth. Hence the moss ;)

  6. His Mom is the Great Gran in the WW photo of last Wednesday! She's 89!

    My Dad is better. He got two stents in his heart. They picked it up in time, and this afternoon he is going to be released from hospital. Amazing how quick you can recover from such a thing.
    We are grateful! :D


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